Academic Work Activities

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Academic Work Activities Package

Links hands-on activities to general education standards. Incorporates money, time, measurement, numeracy, sequencing and functional sight words. Activities include everything you need to set up an academically based work activity program.

Clip Sequencing

Follow basic patterns by attaching colored clips to printed pattern cards.
$79.00 $69.13

Clock Setting

Set hands on model clocks to match printed time cards.
$79.00 $69.13

Cube Weighing

Weigh plastic cubes in grams with a digital scale to match printed cards.
$99.00 $86.63

DayCard Packaging

Use day-of-the-week cards to answer prepared questions on the days of the week.
$79.00 $69.13

Magnet Assembly

Construct magnet assemblies to match printed model cards.
$129.00 $112.88

Money Packaging

Package coins and bills to match printed cards.
$79.00 $69.13

Month Card Packaging

Use month cards to answer prepared questions about months of the year.
$79.00 $69.13

Pipe Inspection

Match and package plastic pipe using a quality-control jig.
$79.00 $69.13

Shopping Card Packaging

Insert shopping cards into vinyl pockets to answer prepared questions.
$79.00 $69.13