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Academic Work Activities Package

Links hands-on activities to general education standards. Incorporates money, time, measurement, numeracy, sequencing and functional sight words. Activities include everything you need to set up an academically based work activity program.

Achieving Communication Competence

Achieving Communication Competence is available as a book with reproducibles and as Packages with additional communication components included.
From $60.38

Acting Out Beyond Social Skills

Role play, analyze, and discuss.
From $56.00

Acting Out Social Skills

Role play, analyze, and discuss.
From $21.75

Adapting Math: Money Skills

All the assessments, benchmarks and worksheets you need to tackle a wide range of money/math skills.
$69.00 $51.75

Aligning IEPs to the Common Core State Standards

Updated book features entirely new areas of discussion and examination.
From $13.00

Aligning Life Skills to Academics Program

Life skill program offering 650 lesson plans and corresponding student worksheets aligned directly to the general education curricula or math, science/health, social studies and language arts
$149.00 $111.75

All About Autism DVD Series

Four popular Autism videos on DVD!
$219.00 $191.63

Asperger Syndrome DVD

A thoroughly watchable and informative DVD, ideal for staff and parents.
$59.00 $44.25

AT Profile

Organize and track your AT tools.
From $10.50

Attainment Bins

Our bins are GREEN — made from 100% RECYCLED plastic!
From $51.63

Attainment Carrell

Portable Carrel provides quiet, comfortable and ergonomically sound learning space for highly distractible students.
$249.00 $217.88

Attainment Software Package

The most comprehensive collection of software for adolescents and adults with developmental disabilities available anywhere!
From $2,008.13

Attainment Talkers

Slim, lightweight talkers at remarkable prices!
From $51.63

Autism Spectrum Disorders DVD

A comprehensive overview of autism spectrum disorders, presented by Glenis Benson, Ph.D.
$59.00 $44.25

Autism Times Two DVD

The lives of the Cauleys and their dedication to their two autistic sons.
$59.00 $44.25