Attainment Software Package

The most comprehensive collection of software for adolescents and adults with developmental disabilities available anywhere!
Manufacturer: Attainment Company
Fantastic Convenience and Price!

The Attainment Software Package includes age-appropriate software emphasizing functional life skills, work skills and basic math and literacy skills. The 46 programs (delivered on individual CDs or on a three-DVD bundle) cover art, social, life, work, math, and literacy skills for students, plus teacher utilities like GoTalk Overlay Software. Attainment's programs are known for their clarity of presentation, age-appropriateness of content and ease of use. Each program is also available separately.

NEW Multiple Computer License included!
Three computer license allows the Attainment Software Package to be installed and each program running on three computers at multiple locations.

Software titles include:

Basic Sight Words, Daily Reading Comprehension Semesters 1 and 2 (Windows only), Interactive Reading Books Libraries 1 and 2 (Windows only), Learning Language with Symbols (Windows only), Looking for Words, Mini Mysteries (Windows only), Palabras Esenciales (Windows only), Show Me Spelling, Stories & More: Animal Friends and Time and Place, StoryTown (Windows only), Survival Signs & Symbols and WordWise.

Math Skills
Attribute Tiles, Calculator Tutor (Windows only), Counting Coins (Windows only), First Money, Making Change, MatchTime, Number Station, Show Me Math, Spending Money, and TimeScales.

Transition Skills
ArtTouch, Community Success, Computers at Work, JobWeb, Personal Success, Picture Cue Dictionary, Read to Learn (Windows only) (including Life Skill Readers eReader Software, Social Story Readers eReader Software, Connections eReader Software, and Safety Skill Readers eReader Software, Do the Right Thing eReader Software and Self-Determination eReader software), Social Skills at School, Social Skills at Work, and Survival Signs Series.

Teacher Utilities
GoTalk Overlay Software and Imagine Symbols (Windows only) and Life in Focus, are utilities for teachers to create communication displays and illustrated stories.

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Attainment Software Package on CD
Attainment Software Package Five Attainment Software Packages on CDs
Attainment Software Package on DVD
Attainment Software Package Five Attainment Software Packages on DVDs