Independent Living

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Life Skill Readers and eReader Software

Life skill instruction and reading comprehension to reach older students reading at a second grade level, includes a Student Reader with PDF and eReader software — purchase pieces or the whole package.
From $44.25

Life Skills Curricula Series

A comprehensive hands-on life skill series.
$279.00 $244.13

Look'n Cook Cookbook

Step-by-step instructions for 62 traditional recipes with video!
From $36.75

Look'n Cook Microwave Cookbook

68 easy-to-make, Illustrated microwave recipes. New updated color edition of our popular cookbook!
From $25.50

Personal Success Software

A total of 53 activities are illustrated step-by-step, along with additional tips covering safety and convenience issues.
From $96.75

Picture Cue Dictionary Software

NEW Version! Help students perform everyday activities independently with full-color illustrations.
From $59.25

Picture Directions

Teaches students to follow picture directions in sequence, complete activities independently and to recognize sight words paired with illustrations.
$49.00 $36.75

Stepping Out Curriculum

Updated Stepping Out Program takes instruction out of the classroom and into the community.
$159.00 $139.13