Life Skills

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Aligning Life Skills to Academics Program

Life skill program offering 650 lesson plans and corresponding student worksheets aligned directly to the general education curricula or math, science/health, social studies and language arts
$149.00 $111.75

Building Life Skill Portfolios

Curriculum that teaches functional life and academic skills and how to build a portfolio that showcases these skills.
$49.00 $36.75

Community Skills Software Bundle

A comprehensive collection of four software programs focusing on key transition issues.
From $235.38

Community Success Software

Presents community activities illustrated step-by-step along with related social skills.
From $74.25

Conversation Framework

Plan and implement a social communication intervention.
$69.00 $51.75

Conversation Skills Curriculum

Covers essential communication skills to help young people enjoy successful job experiences and more fulfilling and independent social lives. Book II extends conversation skills to remembering names, developing friendships and developing conversations beyond a one answer response.
$89.00 $66.75

Health Advocacy Curriculum

Health topics for adolescents and adults with developmental disabilities.
$159.00 $119.25

Life Skill Academics: Math

Life Skills Academics: Math links everyday activities to five crucial math concepts relating to common situations.
$29.00 $21.75

Life Skill Readers and eReader Software

Life skill instruction and reading comprehension to reach older students reading at a second grade level, includes a Student Reader with PDF and eReader software — purchase pieces or the whole package.
From $44.25

Life Skills Curricula Series

A comprehensive hands-on life skill series.
$279.00 $244.13

Look'n Cook Cookbook

Step-by-step instructions for 62 traditional recipes with video!
From $36.75

Look'n Cook Microwave Cookbook

68 easy-to-make, Illustrated microwave recipes. New updated color edition of our popular cookbook!
From $25.50