Vocational Skills

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Community Based Vocational Training

Set up and maintain community-based vocational training programs to prepare students for the job market.
$49.00 $36.75

Computers at Work Software

Vocational software ideal for long term training of school-to-work students.
From $126.75

Connections in the Workplace

Explore relevant on-the-job social situations in an illustrated, short story format — includes a Student Reader, Teacher's Guide with PDF and eReader software — purchase pieces or the whole package.
From $36.75

Get a Job Curriculum

Prepare students with significant learning and behavioral disabilities, cognitive challenges, and physical disabilities for post-school work opportunities.
$39.00 $29.25

Job Coaching Strategies

Job Coaching Strategies is a concise, goal oriented staff development program.
$179.00 $156.63

Job Search Curriculum

Features JobWeb CD and Job Ads & Career Paths book for students to get valuable vocational information.
$59.00 $44.25

Learning To Work

Photo-illustrated stories showing people with disabilities in actual work settings.
$59.00 $44.25

School to Work DVD Series

Three unique DVDs prepare students for a successful transition to work.
$99.00 $86.63

Scripted Vocational Role Plays

Ten chapters of scripted role plays and corresponding worksheets prepare transition students for the world of work.
$39.00 $29.25

Social Skills at Work Software

Features real-life workers with disabilities and their employers in on-the-job settings.
$99.00 $74.25